Plug Outdoor - Stays offline after WiFi router reboot

I have one plug outdoor at my parents’ place that always stays offline whenever we reboot the router, an orbi mesh w/single satellite. This particular plug is right near the satellite which serves a number of other devices as expected. Only recourse has been to go unplug it from utility power and it faithfully returns to service afterwards. Will post device details shortly…

EDIT-1: Here’s a screenshot.

Most every Wyze device has this issue from time to time. A fix for v2 cam and cam pan is almost to public beta, and if it works other device will get it as well. @WyzeJasonJ are you aware this effects the plug outdoor as well?

Seems like such fixes have been part of numerous firmware updates over the years but haven’t yet actually fixed the problem… :wink:

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I was not, I have not experienced it. I have 2 outdoor plugs and reset my router daily and they always come back online. I will look into this however.


I will also add here, that I have several indoor plugs and another outdoor plug that do not have this problem. Only the particular one I’ve mentioned in this post doesn’t come back to life after bouncing the router.

Furthermore, several cams & an indoor plug we have on this side of the house don’t have the problem at all. They come right back into service after a router reboot.

Both outdoor plugs are at the latest firmware level also.

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I had the same issues as you describe running, but they appear to have been resolved with the latest firmware. Your screenshot indicates that you are not running the latest production firmware (July 5, 2022).

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Correct you are. However, the .299 firmware was released AFTER my problem began. I ain’t playin no gotchya game here… :smile:

Someone was on site earlier and able to power cycle that outdoor plug. It is back in action now, but I won’t have time to fiddle with firmware due to overwhelming work stuff the next few days.

EDIT-1: Went ahead and updated the firmware just now. I’ll keep an eye on it should we bounce the router in the future.

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Update to this issue…

Twice now since applying the .299 firmware, the particular plug outdoor which inspired this thread hasn’t returned to service gracefully from internet outages. Still the same unit. Other plug outdoor and indoor plugs come back into service on their own.

I have a Wyze Outdoor Plug that drops off WiFi and gives me a low signal strength message. It is at firmware and outside but only about 10 feet from the indoor router. I installed a competitor’s model and it has not lost connectivity. Has anyone seen this issue? Common issue? Any remediation?

Thank you in advance

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