None of my Outdoor Plugs stay online

I have four outdoor plugs. Not a single one will stay online. Its not a WIFI issue. I have a hundred other devices throughout the house and property and none of them have a WIFI issue. Even if they are with in 10 feet of the router they will say low signal when they do finally connect. Then a few min. later, they are disconnected. Sometimes they will just turn themselves on after I manually turn them off. Are these known to be trash?

I’m not seeing any issue [with my outdoor plug]. They did have an issue with everything else during the outage but that’s it. In theory, its possible there’s some issue left from that for some people but idk if that’s happening here.

Router / networking stability issues can result in working devices with anomalies such as this. I just had an ASUS router stability issue with one cam app but all other apps were fine [except for one rare anomaly with another app I’m programmatically working on right now]. Switching the client device wifi to another router fixed it and rebooting the ASUS router also fixed it. That was even after a firmware targeting stability and a factory reset as ASUS routers tend to need that after firmware updates. I do not recommend ASUS routers.

I do recommend you test stuff. That will narrow it down. Currently, I don’t feel you’ve even attempted to narrow it down and can’t rule anything out. Routers and networking are far more complicated than that.

As I stated before its not a wifi issue. I am running a Ruckus Unleashed mesh network that covers over 10,000 square feet inside and outside my property and two buildings outside the house. There is zero issues with another device here. Just these 4 plugs. But go on and tell me how I am not doing something right with my home network and how I haven’t troubleshot anything.