Please put siren button in app in landscape/fullscreen view

Please put siren button in app when viewing live stream from any camera in full screen landscape mode.

For example on ipad when viewing live stream from V3 there are 4 buttons: photo, record, audio, mic.

Photo button I am pretty sure nobody uses.
Or let us configure to replace photo button with siren button
Now I have to rotate ipad to switch to portrait mode, only then siren button shows up but after another triple dot button press
Besides rotation is sometimes slow and results in brief connectivity loss

Bzzzzzt! I use the photo button somewhat regularly. The ones I almost never use are Audio and Mic… And BTW, I can’t imagine EVER using the Siren on any of my cameras.

Different uses for different people…


X2 :grin: We must be twins. I use photo, no Audio, No Mic. and no siren and I use iPad and (iPhone- Your favorite). :rofl:


ok if you are opposite then why you spam, just use photo button and let different people use their cameras differently

Not spam at all. Just pointing out that different people use the cameras differently. Your statement that no one uses the photo button was immediately dis-agreed with by multiple people.

I see no reason that both buttons can’t be included. I think that’s the main point everyone can agree on. Different uses for different preferences. Should be able to accommodate both adequately.

I use both.

Siren button is useful to scare away an animal or something.

Photo button is useful to capture an original quality exact screenshot from the camera without all the other stuff in the picture.

:astonished: A Cat for instance? :rofl:

Sure, when they are somewhere they shouldn’t be, or doing something they shouldn’t be doing. :cat:

Or if someone lets their dog start to take a dump on my lawn and they NEVER pick it up. Need to add a custom AI detection for this and a sprinkler trigger too. :joy:

My eufy cam had a feature on it where you could set a detection zone covering just a couch and if a pet was ever detected on the couch, it would automatically trigger a siren. I thought that was a cool idea. I never used it though. I don’t mind my pets on the couch/chairs but I read of other people who LOVED how this trained their pet well.

Maybe I can use the Siren to let the :raccoon: :raccoon: gang it is snack time. If I put good food snacks out there before they arrive the cats and possums get it first. :rofl: :rofl:

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two people hardly makes multiple, what is this some kind of democracy.
go back play with your photo button and let others live
besides your spam buddy indicated you may be twins

on bcp there is access to siren button in fullscreen mode
i want siren button also on v3 in fullscreen mode