Is the Siren manual activate only?

Just installed 1 of 3 battery cam pro’s and was hoping there was a feature to automate the alarm and light function… i.e. only between the hours of 11pm and 4am will the alarm be active…etc Hopefully that is in a future firmware upgrade

You can create rules to do that I believe.

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bryonhu is correct. There are rules you can set up for it.

Create a new rule, set the trigger as something like when it detects a person. Set the action to turn on the siren. Set the “When” time between 11pm (start time) and 4am (end time).

Now, if it detects a person between those times, it will set off the siren. I can’t remember the exact length of time the siren runs for, but it will eventually shut itself off.

Perfect!!! Thanks just what I was looking for just didn’t dig into the rules section. Thanks again!!!

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Pro Tip:

I would set a second rule as a “Shortcut Rule” where you add an action for every camera for “Turn off Siren”

Then any time you have a siren go off on any camera, once you’ve verified there is no threat, it is easy for you to simply open the app and tap the “Turn off Sirens” shortcut at the top of your home screen, knowing it will always turn off every single siren easily, so you don’t have to go searching for any individual camera and the siren button. You can always just have an easy to find off button. This is what I do because I have 40 cameras and different ones will have the siren go off for different reasons including leak detection or security alarm, or various things. Then instead of hunting down the off button, I have a dedicated shortcut that just turns off all sirens once I determine the siren is no longer needed. :+1: Might save you and your ears a little stress some day. :slight_smile:

Just be warned that if you setup the siren and use it with the Smart Detections that the AI routinely get’s things wrong and could think a skunk or other critters are a person and blast the siren at all hours. I’ve wanted to use the siren with my camera but it screws up way too much for me to trust it, at least for my outside cameras.