Please help me!

I have a camera with cam plus and my mom has a camera with cam plus that i paid for. Somehow my mom’s account has my cam plus account and hers. My cam plus account should not be on her account page in the app. She is not a shared user for my account. Her cam plus is not working. I think the accounts are somehow mixed up. I have spoken with at least 10 different representatives via phone calls, chats, and emails over the last few days spending at many hours troubleshooting, and I still have the same problem. No one seems to know what to do. Please help!

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I’m sorry you’re having this problem. I wish I could suggest a solution. But….

CONGRATULATIONS :balloon::tada::confetti_ball: on joining the club whose motto is “Welcome to Wyze World. Where troubleshooting isn’t just an occasional annoyance but a way of life”!

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My suggestion is to cancel the cam plus completely.

Then re-sign up for cam plus for your account from your account.

Then re-sign up for cam plus on your mother’s account from her account, not yours.

Did you sign up through wyze or through a third party like Google or Apple? If so, you’ll want to cancel the subscription there. When you sign back up, do it through the wyze website, not a third party.


That seems like a very reasonable suggestion. I wonder why Wyze’s own tech support representatives couldn’t sort it out just as competently and logically?


I also wonder why the Helpless Desk cannot answer this too. :thinking:

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Or you could cancel the Cam Plus subscriptions on both accounts as Wyze’s policy is to provide a prorated refund on the unused portion.

Then, instead, sign up for Cam Plus Lite at the “name your price” offer of zero dollars. Insert an SD card in your cam set to record continuously, (assuming that applies to your situation), and use the 12 second event clips to find the place in your timeline playback to see the whole context of the event unimpeded by the 5 min cooldown.

That method’s usefulness depends on how busy the environment is that your equipment is viewing.


I think we are talking about the same department.

Although, credit where credit is due, I did luck out in getting a rep once who very quickly and efficiently surmised the problems I was experiencing and arranged for an immediate shipment of warranty replacements. 2 cams. 2 spotlights. (Still “in the mail” at the moment.)

In order of effectiveness, my experience has been that

  1. Phone support
  2. Email
  3. Chat
  4. Submitting logs via the app
    have reaped results ordered from “some” to “none”.

Members of this community forum can be helpful on the occasion you find the ones who are able to get beyond their presumption that “the problem is most likely between the chair and the keyboard” mentality.

I agree with towelkingdom, if you think there is a mixup from the way you wanted it to work, follow those steps. You should get a prorated credit back for any unused part of the subscription when you cancel, then when you sign back up following her great advice to keep things totally separate, everything should be as you want. I would strongly recommend doing it through the website in a browser at then log into your account and order Cam Plus, then log out, then do the same with your mom’s account…go to that website in a browser, log into her mom’s account then order it.

Then log into the app and assign the camera to cam plus. Go to the account tab, click on services, then Cam Plus and select the camera you want using cam plus. Then go to the home tab, open the camera, click on settings and make sure to check all the settings are what you want, particularly detection and event settings. Then do the same for your mom’s account separately. You should be good after that.


Thank you all for the suggestions! I will try them tomorrow and see what works.