Please help me

I’ve either missed it or gone blind but I cannot seem to find a way to schedule a time/date/range for sharing cameras… HELP

From setting up others with sharing there never was an option for time/date/range sharing.

Once shared the shared user has 24/7 until you delete the share.

Unless something has changed in the last few months.


Yeah, I have never seen a schedule option for sharing a cam.

What I have done for this, is share the cam with someone (such as while I’m away from home), then set a reminder on my calendar to notify me after I get back home that it’s time to remove that share.

I know Wyze said they’ve been researching this, but it hasn’t been created or released yet. Go to this wishlist item and vote for it and also take the poll at the bottom of the first post and make sure to mark the option that says:

I want to share only some features and settings but for a limited period of time