Feature request: Sharing access rights

Currently, when we share the device to another user, the secondary user does not have the ability to:

  • Configure the device
  • Playback function
  • Time Lapse function
  • Notifications function

I would like to have the ability to grant the rights of those functions to another user, preferably if those access rights can be granted granularly.
For example, if I an sharing the camera with my wife, I would like her to have the full rights to the camera as well.


I just have my husband log into the app on his phone with my information and he can then do everything I can.

But then they have access to all your cameras.

Well, its my husband so he needs to have access to all of the cameras same as me :).

I shared the cameras to my mom and mother in law to watch our kid when the nanny is around. I do not want them to have access to the admin controls. What we need is a feature that lets the admin user determine which controls each specific shared user can access.

Also looking for the ability to share Video but NOT Audio/Mic. For example. Wouldn’t mind granting a family member access to Video but NOT be listening to our conversations all day