Please bring back horizontal scrubbing, fix record length of recorded vids from SD card

Not sure if this belongs in “cameras” or “app” category, but here goes.
–I am also wondering if anyone else is having the same issue with recording from the SD card timeline with nutty video lengths even though it may say for example 23 seconds when you hit stop, then get a much longer video with nothing at the end.

For the most part I have been pretty happy with my cameras and service, aside from the occasional hiccup, I can’t complain.
The ONE thing that has me irked lately though, is the loss of a horizontal timeline scrub, AND the ridiculously non functional “record” ability from the SD card.
I say non “functional”, because when I reach a point in the timeline and video that I want to record, I hit “record” and “stop” when it’s finished.
It doesn’t matter how long or short, but it almost always has a very different length than I recorded when i go to the album to check it.
I have found myself trying 3-5 times very often to record something that is maybe 20-30 seconds long and I will get a video maybe 1.5 minutes, that just stops midway through the video. It records what I want, but has a wasted of time after the video. It’s bizarre and happens most of the time. It’s so frustrating to just want to record a portion of the timeline and have to do it multiple times until i get it to honor the start / stop points I gave it. Sometimes i get some crazy four digit times that I don’t even try to play.

So I guess my questions are…
1.) --Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, allow us a horizontal timeline scrub again, I miss it dearly!!!
2.) --What is with the “record” function not honoring the record start and stop times? If I see it on screen and start / stop it by what I see on screen, why is it a problem to only get that portion recorded?

Still there, but with the “new” UI it’s vertical instead of horizontal.

Not a function that I do very often, but I have not noticed that as a problem on any of my various cameras.

Thank you for the response.
I do most of my monitoring on my phone, so vertically scrubbing is pretty tedious, before the last update, I had an overlay on full screen horizontal layout with a timeline that was SO much smoother and easier to work with.
–I find at night mostly, my cameras do not pick up movement completely (starts or stops short of full event) and I do download those events, so I often just record them in full from the timeline.

Hopefully these features will get some love.