Playback skips backwards 2 months

Hi all, have been using Wyzecam V2’s for almost 2 years now, and have always seemed to encounter the two issues I will list below I’ve searched but could not find other posts describing the specific event jumping 2 months issue.

Details: iOS, Sandisk ultra 32GB card, Wyzecam V2, Event recording(not continuous), basic cloud recording (12s not the continuous option), always running latest app and firmware versions

Issue 1. When going into the SD card playback, when clicking the left arrow to skip to the previous event, the app often jumps back to a date/event 2 months in the past. I’ve formatted the card a few times both on a computer and within the Wype app, but no success.

Issue 2. This is a bit less frequent, but sometime when pinching or expanding the playback scale, sections of video playback lose their unique color identifiers on the timeline, and will start playing a recording of an event on a timestamp that shows as blank. So I wouldn’t have know it was their without using the skip buttons and happen upon it.

Again, I did a quick search but couldn’t find a perfect description of my issues, off someone does have a previously discussed posting of this I will happily move my question there and close this post.

Thanks Wyze community!