Playback on V2 outdoor

I have 2 V2 outdoor battery powered cameras,
I can see the playback on my phone ( Samsung) but my wife doesn’t have the option to see events on hers. Does she have to do something special to get it to work on her phone, she has an iPhone 13 pro max.

When you say playback and events, do you mean the event videos accessible from the “events” tab at the bottom of the app?

If so, make sure you have cleared all filters on both phones via the filters icon in the upper right of the events tab.

Im talking about the cam plus recorded videos, they work on my phone but not hers.

What is happening when you try to play them on hers? Could you provide any screenshots?

Nothing happens on hers it doesn’t even show a playback option.

Events icon on the bottom of the page is not visible on her phone?

What actual app version of the app does she have on her phone?

Nope, it’s on mine but not on hers.

IS she using your login credentials on her app, or did you share the camera device to her own Wyze account?

That app version number is not within the iOS realm, that is actually the most recent Android production app version.

Did you post your app version? We need to know hers because she is the one having the issue. Also can you answer this for us? →

Also if she could share any screen shots of what she is seeing that would help, because if she cant see the “Events” tab link off the main page as you indicated above in response to @Antonius reply, something is going wrong.

Make sure her iPhone display is set to the default setting maybe the bottom portion of the app is cut off out of view. That is why a screen shot of her WYZE app would help. Her app should be 2.40.0 (15)

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I’ll have to check her all version, I shared mine.

A screenshot of HERS would really be appreciated

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Thanks, then get screen shots of what she is seeing. Want to make sure this isn’t a bug, or a miss understanding of features. Also, still waiting in an answer to a previous question.

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Yes, she uses my login credentials.

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What happens when you click the “Events” button at the very bottom of the screen?

Did this question ever get resolved? I just noticed (after all these years) that I don’t have a Playback button at the bottom of my Outdoor Cam (both v1 and v2) screens like I do for all my other cams. Is it because they’re not set to continuously record, so there’s really nothing to play back other than “events?”

The battery powered cams do not support continuous recording so there is no use for the playback button.