Playback - No micro SD card is connected to the camera

I have a naughty kitty who is not using the litter box. But, we have a lot of kitties so to narrow down which one, I set up Wyze Cam. When I hit playback it says that the camera is not connected. Prior to this latest prompt it would say that “No micro SD card is connected to the camera.” I’ve purchased the Wyze SD card, inserted it in the camera itself and it says that. I inserted it into the Android phone and it says the same thing. Help? I really need to find out who is doing it in case there is a health issue I’m not catching. Thank you in advance. Stay healthy!

Possibly obvious, but have you configured the cam to record sound and motion events and send you those alerts? The 12 second clips that WYZE saves in the cloud for you for 14 days are not dependent on having a SD card.

Also, if the 12 sec clips are not enough, you can sign up for a free trial of the WYZE “Complete Motion Capture” feature which saves longer clips in the cloud.

But, if the micro SD card is seating properly and not recognized in two different devices, it may be a card issue. Put the micro SD card in a laptop or desktop (using adapter if necessary) and see it that recognizes it or reports an error? Also try reformatting the SD card making sure it is FAT32.

There are also a number of free and freemium tools out there to repair and check SD cards. Here is just one example: Fix Corrupted SD Card with Professional SD Card Repair Tools

Hope this helps!

What are your local storage settings? Is local storage enabled? Motion alerts/ continuous storage?

Check out the support pages for local storage to see if it helps ya out.