Playback issue - SD card data being cached?

I’ve just noticed a problem with viewing playback from an SD card. It appears the data is being cached in 1 minute chunks before recording? I don’t recall this happening before.

The problem, which happened, is someone unplugged a camera at 2:40:50 and the last data available to view is at 2:40:00. The important part of who unplugged the camera is missing.

When the camera was plugged back in, there was also data lost but I suspect it is due to the time it takes the camera to boot up.

Anyone else notice this? I will test with some of my cameras at home as the ones I’m seeing the issue with is remote.

OK, I finally got around to test this and like I suspected, it seems data is being cached in 1 minute chunks before being written to the SD card. I have a file with the time I unplugged the camera but the file is empty.

I also don’t get any events notifications of me walking toward the camera before it’s unplugged so that is lost too.

If you are using these cameras for security, based on what I found, you might want several cameras set up, some in inaccessible locations, to catch anyone unplugging cameras.

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Very good to know! I had wondered about that.

In addition to a camera RAID, maybe some pass through battery packs on the cams and router…?

Yea a battery back up would be another level of protection but a camera or two that are inaccessible would help solve the issue.