View Playback doesn't run to the end

If the camera is unplugged the View Playback does not run to that point. It seems to stop a minute or more before the camera was unplugged.

I use the cameras at work and I want to be able to identify who unplugs the camera [ to plug the phone in or something.


When you unplug the camera in the middle of writing to the SD card, lots of bad things can happen. Missing frames is just one of them.

Why incomplete clips? It’s because not every frame is written immediately to the SD card. A few are kept in a memory buffer, and when that buffer is full, that’s the time it’s written out to the card. Abruptly cutting off power, you lose contents of that buffer and that part of the clip is also lost.

I thought I read somewhere in here that it writes one minute at a time? Like the above post and your testing that sounds right. It records for a minute and then write when that finishes, whereas if it looses power before that minute writes, that minute is lost.

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Eliminate the problem .
Plug one of these in you will have lots of plugs available , they won’t have to unplug the camera to plug the phone in or something.:slightly_smiling_face:

Another option

That’s the high-level view. In reality all low-level Input/Output operations are buffered. That buffer is lost when power is interrupted.

Thanks for the explanation, Now I know what little I can do.can do.

Thanks fo rexplaining.

I can see how you missed the point but “I want to be able to identify who unplugs the camera”. Some people will just unplug the camera because the want to not need to.

Hide another camera on the other side of the room :smiley:

Yep. Don’t even need to hide it I hope.

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