New to the Wyze family!

I’m new to the security camera family. And I’m wondering if my camera gets unplugged, does all the footage it recorded before stay there? Or does it go away? Also, if my camera is stolen or broke in any away, with my SD card in it, will I still have the footage on the app?

Welcome, Alana.

If you unplug your camera and are recording to the SD card (Settings>Advanced), all but the last minute will still be intact. The camera only writes to the SD card once each minute.

Any 12-second clips previously uploaded to the cloud also will still be there, but not likely the one that would show you approaching and unplugging the camera. It probably didn’t have enough time to upload that.

If your camera is stolen, you ‘might’ have the 12-second clip of it being stolen, if they weren’t quick enough to stop it. Unfortunately, even if the clip is saved, if they set up the camera in their account you will lose access to the clips.

So, not a security camera. Saying that just prolongs the myth. It’s a smart camera. So welcome to the Wyze family!