Playback… Grey for the duration

Still no playback.

I don’t think starting a new topic is going to get Wyze to take notice of the same issue since it is has already been reported in other topics.

If I were experiencing this, I would continue to monitor (watching) the existing threads discussing it and reply to the posts therein from Wyze team members to try and get an update of progress. But, they won’t be back in until tomorrow West Coast time.

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Starting a new topic wasn’t the goal.
The forum makes about as much sense as BUYING CAMERAS THAT DONT WORK.

To find those watched topics on which you previously replied, click your avatar in the top right and choose the far right person icon then choose Activity.

That will show you all your posts and the topic so you can go back there quickly.

Alternatively, if you drop down that activity selector box and choose Preferences, then select Categories in the right box, it will allow you to see all of your Watched and Tracked topics by clicking Show.

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That statement WAS on one of the threads.
It ended up starting a new one.
Hence the sarcasm.
I know how to comment on a thread, feels kinda like I’ve been there.
On the same subject.
In a perfect world, cameras that have been purchased actually work, and forums happen to post stuff where you intend for them to be posted.

Sorry about that, didn’t catch the sarcasm. They need a special font for that. Also didn’t mean to mansplain it. I had a time getting used to the forum controls when I started, many new users do. I still find myself posting replies to the wrong thread when I am jumping around looking for resource posts to link. Thought that might have been the issue since you joined a little over a week ago.

No worries. Good luck!

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I do stand by a previous “all about money” statement.
I keep getting pop ups that get directly in the way of viewing any video.
(God forbid anyone be in a hurry to catch something on playback)
Of course the pop up wants me to buy this or that.
(I do have one of these fiascos recorded)
Also, as stated by another user, they bought into lite plus or whichever it was and immediately got their playback reinstated.

As for the forum glitching…
I also got a bit of it on a screen recording this morning.
Another user stated that they updated their app…
My app doesn’t offer an update. As stated by the app, all is up to date.
Though I did update my phone, still no end in sight.

I got those too for some time and complained as well. Especially since all my cams were enrolled in CamPlus.

This got fixed with an app update. Every time I tried to play an event it would popover before I could view it. Annoying.

I did see that, which tells me the glitch is with those cams that are not enrolled to any plan. I also saw that rotating to landscape has an active playback button.

CamPlus Light can be free, just enter a custom amount @ $0 when subscribing. It adds 12s video events and Person Detection AI.

Assume you already got this in the other thread.

My phones been in the shop.
What have I missed?
Any fix ideas yet???



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