Playback from SD card freezes every 60 seconds

That cam location must have one heckuva panoramic view!

Definitely understand the feeling of hearing crickets from a company when they screw something up… :rage: Stay safe!

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How long is the power cable for that camera?

Yeah… I told my wife when I fall, I’ll have the camera in hand. Take out the SD card and put it into something other than the junk OG camera to get a replay. She said she would be glad to post it here and I am sure WYZE would love to see it at this point. She seemed a little too excited about it also.

The pole has power at the bottom and I looked at the Amazon order. It is a 20 foot cable. A small coil at the bottom.

By the way, I normally use the supplied cable and sometimes I use even shorter ones on my cameras. I am sure WYZE would love to jump on that and say the extra length is the problem.

The view is not so great. Two of them are on this pole under the driveway light. You can kinda see one in the shadow of the pole. One faces NE and the other SE. As A side note, there are (4) V4’s in the pictures that used to be OG’s. Those were easy to replace.

I even have an ambulance ready for the replacement effort…!!! :thinking: (I bought that and did an RV conversion on it for camping. :smiley: )

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OMG, you shr do have an ambulance standing by. Well be safe, we hope you don’t need it. Nice view. W several of my other cameras, I hang outside of a 2 story window to attach them to the side of the window, or when I decide to change the network I’m using.

All my OG cams use the short cable that came w them as they’re close to power.

That’s not a terrible idea. My dad’s former band had a retired ambulance that they used for storing and hauling gear between gigs. The extra lighting on the vehicle was handy for tearing down after outdoor shows.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

That made my day!

I’m thinking to myself, not only is this man torqued off at his cameras, but he is so freakin’ angy that he’s going into battle with his own ambulance to be ready for the bloodshed to follow!

Had never though of doing one, but yeah, with all the heavy duty lighting, wiring, suspension, etc, that conversion makes good sense for a lot of reason! :+1: :+1:

Thanks for posting!

STill no fix! Today I updated to the latest update & it does NOT fix the issue with SD card playback freezing on the OG cameras !! :angry:
And it is coming close to the deadline of being able to watch playback on those cameras using old (working) ios software b4 we have to update to the newer ios software that kills the ability to watch playback on the sd cards on the OG cams.

I read comments on the latest 2 software updates & most everything I see is 1 star, negative comments… Wyze is not istening to it’s customers & that’s really sad!

No fix… For me, it has been over 3-1/2 months with this issue.

After 2 trouble tickets submitted that were closed soon after with no correspondence or plan, a submission to fix-it-Friday that was not accepted, numerous posts on many threads… Still NOTHING!!

I check for firmware updates at least once per week and still nothing…

I think they are listening but just don’t care…

Same here. Sadly I think you’re right. Very upsetting :rage:

I am also having this issue. When trying to play back from my sd card (previously fine, continuous playback) the image freezes at each minute, eg 07h03m00s, 07h04m00s, etc.
I can forward 30s, let the image play for 5s then rewind 30s, to review almost all of the footage. But if i forward then rewind immediately, the moment the timer crosses 00s the image freezes again. Some BS if you ask me. Wyze please fix this urgently.

Iphone ios 17.4.1
Wyze app 2.50.6(1)
Camera version V1 (white square, sharp edges)
Camera Firmware

I’m sorry you are also having this issue. By doing what you’re doing (going forward then backwards) you’re just refreshing the camera playback & it will freeze again.
Did you just recently do an update of the Wyze ios app from an older version?
Just now, viewing video playback on sd card on ipad that I did latest update on, it froze & even the time of playback froze

I have the app set to autoupdate, so i don’t know when it updated last

That’s what did it, the update. I have 2 ipads & my phone that still have old ver of the app & those devices don’t freeze on playback of the OG Cams. The 2 ipads I did do updates on, freeze on playback. The updates broke playback & Wyze needs to fix this, and b4 they force everyone to update their software at end of month!

Well here it comes, Wyze is forcing it’s customers to update their software to the latest software, and without fixing the problem of viewing the SD cards on their OG cameras.
Great support Wyze!! They know there’s an issue, they’ve acknowleged there’s an issue & that this prob exists, however they choose to ignore it & not fix it b4 forcing it’s users to update to the latest “broken” software for the OG cams. I wonder if they’re going to buy back the OG cams since they broke them w their software (as my ipads w the older ver of the app does still work) & now they’ll be absolutely unusable for viewing back video on these OG cameras!
So uncool Wyze! Fix your software that you KNOW to have probs instead of coming out w more products!

I have reported this issue from within the app by email link, and support tell me they are investigating the problem. I sent camera logs too. Interestingly the spare camera that i haven’t used in several years (and is on an old firmware) plays back perfectly with no interruptions.

Just out of curiosity, what model cam is this, and which firmware is it running? Might want to rummage through the old box o’ spares! :wink:

Since our primary devices are also Apple, the current tedious workaround is to use an Android device for any required playback recording.

Either an actual device, or by running the BlueStacks emulator on a desktop computer.

It would be REALLY nice for Wyze to fix this soon! :rage: on wyze cam v1

This works fine. Apple iphone app (updated to latest) for viewing

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Thanks! Haven’t found any V1’s in our stash yet, but keeping eyes open…

They’ve been telling me the same thing since March & again yesterday. As the links I provided above shows, they’ve known of this since their Fix it Friday post back in March. Therefore they likely knew about it in Feb.
Are you referring to this on your OG cam? OG hasn’t around for years :thinking: