Plan Ahead so you can Restart a stalled Wyze Camera

I admit this is a little misleading. You need to plan ahead to use these suggestions. But they will work. I deploy them now. I don’t find the camera restart in the app to be reliable. I want reliable. I want the restart to work when I am not at home.

Lately, I have seen some posts about the HMS Hub dropping offline and needs a restart. I don’t have one, so I can’t guarantee power off/on will fix it every time. But it might be worth considering some of these power controls methods for a hub too. And have you thought about repurposing one of your V2 cameras to look at the hub lights to get an idea of its status when you think there’s a problem? Let’s remember, doesn’t have to be relocating an existing V2/3 permanently to watch over the hub.

The trick is to install a WiFi controlled power switch that allows you to turn the device (camera) off and back on. These are what I use and they apply to more than one situation.

Yes, some of these have their own app that we must open to control the device. But they all also have Alexa/Google support. So, you can merge them into Alexa and control from the Alexa app.

For instance, I recently found this cool ThirdReality (smart) wall switch cover $24.99) that in 5 minutes you can mount over your existing regular or Decora face wall switch and works. I could not believe how easy it is. At $24.99 I am not going to start replacing everything in the house with them, but works where nothing else would.

I have an outside porch light controlled by a 3-way wall switch. I leave it on all the time. It powers a 6 port USB block, 3 each Wyze V3 cameras, 2 each Wyze bulbs, and an Echo Dot. Once in a while, the camera(s) hang, and I need to restart them. Simple. Turn off one of the wall switches for 10 seconds and back on. I am lazy (or not a home). And this device does it so easily.

However, if I wanted to take a cheaper route, I could have added one of these really cheap round small form factor Govee Smart Plugs ($4.37) – pack of 4 plugs instead. Nearly every holiday, Amazon price leads a big sale. Several manufacturers have a four back of these for less than $20 with Prime. A bargain. The small size would allow me to put it up inside the porch light and plug it in to the socket. But it would only turn off/on power to the brick, not the Wyze bulbs, so the smart wall switch is a better choice.

Also, I have two Wyze V3s camera mounted outside the windows, but powered from inside through a window. Once in a while these need to be restarted (off and back on). Instead of tromping up three flights of stairs to the guest wing, get in the golf cart up there and drive down the hallway to the bedrooms, (just kiddin’) and unplug USB power and back in, I use a Wyze (2-pack) ($14.99). I use the Wyze plugs too, with Wyze cameras where I can. I like this because if I see a camera is locked up and needs a restart, I am already inside the Wyze app and can simply select the plug to restart .

And a dual. Two 120V WiFi outlets in one plug. For some situations you need to WiFi off/on plugs. I found these and on sale on Amazon for less than $20 for the 4-pack. They take up no more width than the Wyze plugs. I’ve seen Wish List posts asking Wyze to make a off/on WiFi smart switch that has USB 5V in it. They should consider this and turn one of the 120V to two USBs.

And there’s a simple way for close quarter areas. I found a smart WiFi adapter for USB devices. Add it to your network and you can use it between the Wyze power plug going into the 5V adapter and the adapter. It works. Very cool. So simple. I’m surprised there’s not dozens of manufacturers making these, but this is the only one I have seen. Its from Sonoff ($10.75). Prices for Sonoff on Amazon are about twice what you can buy them for from the manufacturer site. Shipping it necessary. But worth a look.

I have more than four dozen Sonoff switches, plugs and wall switches. They also have sensors and other stuff, but they need to mature a little more. Check them out at

This is just my two cents of information. It’s a thank you for the great advice and help that I have already received from smarter folks than me here. Thank you.

Have your own tricks for controlling power? Please share.


I have a device called an Ambery IP-P4 (Older version no longer sold) that had a bad power supply and was e-wasted.

Turns out the power supply is easily replaced (internal) as I am an Electronics Telecomm. Engineer.
I have modified it to work on 12 volts instead for my customized system Battery Backed-Up / 12 volt power system at this link. Just haven’t installed it yet but will soon.

This unit allows access via IP and if IP is down via Telephone (POTS) line to control 4 relays using Touch-Tones.

Ambery Power Control products

My setup is not for your average user, this is a Advanced user setup…

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The rest of your post was well trod ground but that was new to me. What a cool and obvious idea. Thanks. However the “top” review (of only 6 there) says it doesn’t deliver much power?

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Power likely means current (Amps) and the wyze power supply draws very little power (Current) you would be fine with any of those shown.

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Okay but I wasn’t thinking of its uses limited to Wyzecams. Just seems like a product category that should be fleshed out.

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The Sonoff device itself isn’t a power adapter; it just plugs into a USB power source and controls it. The device itself also uses some power, so if someone plugged it into an already marginal source it isn’t going to work very well.

Frankly, using this with an AC powered plug in USB adapter wouldn’t make much sense, as an AC smart outlet can be had for less, and wouldn’t bite into the available USB power.