Pixel Fold won't allow landscape rotation

On my Pixel 5 I could open a cam full screen and rotate the pixel to get a full screen image in landscape.
How do I get this to happen on the pixel fold when it’s closed?

I don’t have a pixel fold, but I believe @R.Good does, so he might be able to answer this when he sees my tag (and see if he has the same problem), but my first question would be whether you have auto-rotation turned on with the pixel fold?

Yes, auto rotate is enabled for both folded and unfolded.
I had that disabled on the Pixel 5. I would pull up a camera and hit the icon in the top right to expand the video. Then I would rotate the device and then manually rotate the picture by tapping the system rotate icon in the lower right hand corner to get full screen video.
That icon doesn’t show up while using the Wyze app now.

I double checked just now by disabling auto rotate and the system’s rotate icon appeared while using Chrome to type this reply. It doesn’t show for the Wyze app though :confused:

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