Pictures instead of video

I have Cam Plus, all the sudden my cameras are sending me pictures in stead of video if motion is detected. I can find when an option is to send pic or video. Or if there even is one.

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If you have CamPlus, and the subscription is active, you should not be getting thumbnails in your Events Tab. You should be getting full length video.

AIUI… The video\thumbnail toggle option was only for CamPlus Lite subscribers and has been since removed to alleviate confusion. Now, the basic no subscription plan gets thumbnail, CPL gets 12s Video, and CP gets full length video.

Some steps to try:

  1. Verify that you have a CP subscription listed in the Account → Services tab
  2. Verify that your cams are all assigned under the active license(s)
  3. Clear the app cache in Account → App Settings
  4. Log out of the app and close
  5. Force close the app by long pressing the app icon → App Info → Force Stop
  6. Reopen the app, login, and initiate a motion event in front of the cam to see if it will record full length video to the Events tab.

If that doesn’t work…

  1. Unassign the cam(s) from CP
  2. Repeat 3-6 above, but reassign cam(s) to CP before testing

If that doesn’t work, you can also dump the app cache in the App Info settings, but this will also affect the app UI, although not permanently and not functionally.

Last resort … Call customer support and submit a ticket.

Good luck!

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