Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Feature

Well it would seem that this feature has been requested for years and so far no progress. Hope they can do something about it in the near future!

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Any updates on PIP support? Wyze Team: we all might just switch to a different camera product that gets our use case!

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Just keeping it he topic alive that I would live to see PIP support for both iOS and Android platforms without having to use the Android split screen option. I think this would be so valuable for use to monitor a camera for arriving deliveries or for when ppl are dropping by to pickup items.


PiP - Picture In Picture IOS - Apple

Picture in Picture (like YouTube and other apps have implemented) would be so amazing!!! This helps me keep an eye on my sleeping baby from afar while working from my phone. This is such a key feature that would make such a difference!!!

Please implement PIP!!! All the streaming/video apps are doing this… why not Wyze???

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This was exactly how I used tiny cam pro on my android. It supported Picture in Picture on android and could be configured for Wyze cameras.

I’m really missing the ability to do this on my iPhone

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I hear ya, but don’t hold your breath. Not a lot of interest here for app features that are exclusive to iPhone/iPad. Heck, I’m still waiting for proper implementation of app-wide (i.e. main menu) landscape orientation for my iPad. I first requested it back in early 2018.

Picture in picture not what i was hoping

Hi i am posting because i really hoped the picture in picture feature was going to be different than it is. Where the feature might be useful in some situations i thought it would be a smaller window that can be viewed while continuing with other apps on your phone. I used to use the Yi brand cameras which used that feature and it was the most used of all features. Please if it is possible can you add this on an update soon!