Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

Where do I sign up for and name my price for the person detection? I got the emails but the link says to come to the Wyze site and I cannot find it he place to do it. Please help!

From those e-mails, you can click through on the link that is within those e-mails. It will bring you to Wyze Services where you will need to sign into your account. Once there, follow the on-screen prompts.


My mom was reading about this company and was so impressed but I already had good dealings with Wyze before she had seen the article. Now I tend to be long-winded and drag on so I will simply say you continue to impress to this customer the importance you place upon humanity. I wish you continued success!!!

** Please consider leaving your donation portal open indefinitely.

As the software side of my WYZE products improve I will happily come to you with a donation. **

In the meantime, as a “long time” customer with over 50 devices deployed, I can not bring myself to make a donation. And believe me when I say, I agonized over this decision.

I really wish WYZE would have issued this request after making a huge push to get the core software features working as smoothly as is reasonably possible.

My Cams are suffering from signifiant issues that makes it extremely hard to stay on the platform, to say nothing of making a donation to business that seemingly could have the world in the palm of its hand.:

1 - Over exposed images. This was not always the case, but a recent FW update has my Cams rendering certain portions of their field of view washed out (read: useless) most of the day.

2 - Recent issue with the camera cycling between Night Vision and daylight modes throughout the day. I suspect this is related to issue 1.

3 - Issues with groups: I often have to delete and recreate a group in order to add a device.

4 - Missing events. Like other users, my Cams are missing obvious – not edge case – events. This is the most problematic of all the issues I or others have cited.

Other - While not a software quality problem, the decision not to pursue HomeKit will, in my estimation, prove to be a profound misstep. I’m happy to be wrong about this, but I have to say that the HomeKit enabled products I have woo me to switch away from WYZE completely every time I use a HomeKit feature.

So, there it is. That’s not an exhaustive list of problems, but those are major pain points for me day to day, and that’s why I painfully chose not to contribute toward…features I thought I already paid for.

WYZE, really dial in the basic features/functionality of your existing core products and I will jump on the contribution train.


They have not made a decision to not pursue homekit, they tried to get the V2 and Pan but Apple turned them down. They are currently researching with the aspect of the bulbs, plugs and sensors. I do not know what they are doing as far as recently released devices.

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Interesting, I did not know they applied. Why the rejection?

The V1, V2, and Pan cameras did not offer a sufficient number of video streams at the required resolution was the major reason given that I last read on these forums. (From a Wyze rep).


Interesting, thanks. My erratic streaming success rate and pixely TinyCam view might agree. :wink:

This thread in general covers HomeKit issues. But this post sort of sums it up;



If you look to the wayback, WYZE has decided not to pursue HomeKit for existing camera products and it addressed the general reason(s) why.

Being “turned down” by Apple wasn’t mentioned:

Just to clear the air here - it’s a bit disingenuous to say “Apple turned them down” regarding Wyze and HomeKit.

That’s akin to explaining that an 18 year old had the best intentions purchasing alcohol, but the store shut them down during the purchase. Well, no. The 18 year old was never really entitled to have the purchase considered IN THE FIRST PLACE - they’re underage!

Apple has hardware/software requirements that must be met - and Wyze’ kit does not meet said requirements - it never has, and until they either (1) source a white-box product that does; or (2) innovate and create their own hardware offering, it never will.

Actually it was. They applied for an exception to the minimum system requirements. Number of streams/resolution/frame rate. That request for an exception was turned down. At that point Wyze made the decision to not pursue HomeKit support for the V1, V2, and Pan cameras.

The biggest stated obstacle is that they designed for cloud based control and interaction and HomeKit requires a local network control model. They have stated to support that mode would require a significant rewrite effort of their firmware etc.

I believe they are considering it for future adoption but have not heard anything promising recently.


This is very promising news! I’m the opposite of an Apple Fan, but if they are going to force companies to start making their products accessible to the local network, then this is something very positive from Apple,

Maybe we can look forward to Home Assistant access on future Wyze cam V3’s and other devices afterall (I assumed they’d never do RTSP/Home Kit so that everyone would have to use Wyze’s subscriptions, but maybe this will encourage future access!). I am very happy to read that is how it works. Makes sense. When I installed Home Assistant it immediately told me several devices could be accessed on my network through Home Kit, even though I don’t have an apple account or anything, I was confused…I guess it’s just accessed through the home kit local network protocols or whatever that those devices support. Very cool!

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I believe if they add local control for HomeKit it would benefit all platforms so that’s hopeful.


Here is a link from a Wyze employee talking about why they need to ask for an exception.

Here is a link from a Wyze employee confirming they were denied.


Thank you. That is very helpful in and of itself, confirming we can’t get more than one HD stream at a time, period. I didn’t know that.

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I will do once a year payment. However I don’t wish for auto renew or monthly. Just a one time payment from within my account and your welcome to send me yearly reminders. Please email me with details on how I can do this.

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately you can’t pay annually at this time.
This is a user forum, you probably won’t get a response from WYZE. You may get a response from WYZE support but I don’t think it will be any different.

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You could of course hack this yourself, paying something month 1, then setting it to $0, and setting up your own reminder…

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