Apple HomeKit Integration

Sooooo, if it’s just firmware, then there isn’t a hardware issue…is what your saying. Where do you get the info that the hardware will support HomeKit, it’s just a matter of a firmware update?

We would need a more powerful camera to handle all of the different streams.

So, it is the hardware. As you’ve stated numerous times. And, some people are just in denial.
That’s what I thought. It’s so weird that some people keep insisting that a firmware update is all that is necessary. Ignoring the numerous statements from Wyze, stating otherwise.
I guess they don’t understand that if the hardware won’t work with the firmware…
Oh, well. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

When they can’t upgrade the firmware…that only leaves one thing.
Process of elimination. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

For the price, the cams are way better than anyone expected! The inclusion of the RTSP makes the cams unbeatable. I really hope the Wyze plugs and Wyze Sense will eventually be Homekit compliant. Keep up the good work!

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The quote that Jason referenced was an earlier one before we determined that we couldn’t get an exception and that the cameras can’t handle the requirements. It did, however, have more technical information as requested by the person he was replying to.

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And, the bulbs!
For real…so what if the cameras don’t support HomeKit. They’re like…$25.
And, if Wyze comes out with new ones that do, I’ll buy those, too. But, I think a lot of people will care less about HomeKit for the cameras when they realize that the secure video feature isn’t free.

I agree completely, although that was another argument earlier in the thread, whether its free or not

I apologize if i quoted outdated information.

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Nope! You did exactly as requested and the info was accurate.

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Apple said it would be “at no extra charge”. That is a clever marketing term. Many took that as meaning that it would be included with the free iCloud storage plan. It won’t be. It won’t be included with the $1/month plan, either. Only the top two plans. Currently, those cost $3/month, and $10/month.

Yep I did see that, I am not an Apple user but I follow tech and so I researched it when people were arguing. Like you said, they used clever marketing.

Is anyone aware of any Homebridge plugin development for the bulbs and plugs?

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Not to beat the dead horse so to speak :wink: but this week Arlo came out with their “unofficial” support of HomeKit. I wonder what that “unofficial” means and if Wyze has a chance to follow along even if the secondary stream is not 720P?

You can’t blame one for asking :smile:

I am not so interested in the secure video stream with HomeKit and the Home app (though it would be nice), but more for the automation with other HomeKit accessories and Siri support. To say people will care less about HomeKit support is not accurate based on the number of votes on this wishlist request.

Nope - but I thought Wyze is planning on support those natively via HomeKit (hopefully)

if you install the special Wyze firmware for RTSP you can use the Homebridge Camera-ffmpeg plugin to get it to appear in the home app. Just follow instructions at this link for
raspberry pi install “Dropbox - Setup WyzeCam in Apple Home App Rpi.pdf - Simplify your life
or MacOs install “Dropbox - Setup WyzeCam in Apple Home App macOS.pdf - Simplify your life

(The only downside is that Wyze has indicated that when you use the special firmware your camera may not be updated with newest firmware required for new features for the camera. You may be stuck at current feature level.)

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This is personally my #1 requested feature. As others have said I think this would be a smart business move for Wyze. They would undercut the current HomeKit camera market by a huge margin. They should enable HomeKit support natively instead of forcing a homebridge workaround. If not on the current gen cameras, this should for sure be on the top of the feature list for v3. This would make me seriously consider upgrading my current wyze cams


I agree. I vote for this feature as well. I think this has to be a strategic consideration for their full product line so we can use their sensors as well.


Any update on the bulbs is greatly appreciated!