Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

Someone on the forum tried that and got a refund for month 1.
I think you would have to wait until the next month.
I don’t know how WYZE is ever going to forcast though. Someone signs up for $24 a month then changes it to $0 a month later. That changes the forcasted money from that subscriber from $288 annually to $24.

I think you guys forget that not everyone qualified for the “pay what you want”. I didn’t as I only started using Wyze in early 2020.

Nobody has forgotten that. This is the “experiment” specific thread.

My answer was only for people that qualified.

My Mom had me tested. I qualified.


I had to test it myself…not fun but… I qualified.

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Meh… Flea collars aren’t always the answer


Perhaps I should qualify my answer.


I signed up for the “name-your-price” monthly person detection about a month ago, but still receive emails about “last chance-only 7 days to sign-up”. Seems a bit odd and makes me doubt I ever signed-up at all. I’d suggest suppressing the emails of us who have already subscribed to a particular service or purchased a product going forward. Causes confusion. Still want other Wyze emails but I know there are ways to delineate for particular marketing campaigns etc.

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The only reason i bought your cameras was for the person detection and now i have to pay for it thats BS. Guess I will take them down and get new ones with someone that can do what they say

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I’m good with just motion detection in my case…
So, as long as there is no change to motion detection, for me, person detection is no big deal and I wouldn’t be interested in paying for it…

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Does Person Detection work with V2_RTSP_4.28.4.41 & Pan_rtsp_4.29.4.41 Firmware?

If I decide to pay a certain amount for person detection now, but later decide to add CamPlus, do I then need to cancel the person detection subscription, or will that automatically cancel?

If you think that’s bad, try imagining not being able to purchase anything from Wyze and still receive these emails o.O

My cameras are still working fabulous on old firmware with I have several family and friends that have updated firmware and have seen issues with person detection and motion detection… If I don’t upgrade my firmware, what will happen come the deadline next week?

That is a good question. The prevailing theory is that you are not REALLY getting Xnor detection - that the uploaded clips are still getting reprocessed in “the cloud” and that the service and app are essentially ignoring the XNor tags.

If that is true, it would mean your PD will stop at some point if you haven’t signed up for Name Your Price. (They probably won’t turn it off immediately.)

I’m happy to pay something for the cloud based 12-second videos, even though I have a 64 Gb microSD card in each camera (that way if someone walks off with it, I’ll know who, hopefully!)

Can I send $25 for the year, rather than $2.00 a month? It’s honestly much easier to just do it for the year.

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I just received an email about 7days left to get free person detection. But when I go on to get it, it requires me to pay. Why? How do I get them free version?

Select the “12 second person detection”, and if you want to pay $0.00, choose that. If you want to pay more, pay more.