Person detection switches off

For a couple of months I’ve noticed that if I close down my Wyze app, person detection switches off. If I leave the app running in the background it’s fine, but as soon as I swipe the app away it shuts down person detection every time. Anyone else noticed this?

Are you still getting events in the events tab, just not notifications?

If I close down the app then I don’t get person detection notifications because closing it down switches this feature off. If I leave the app running in the background, I get all notifications because person detection stays on.

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Go to the Account Tab, click on App Settings, Toggle On “Running in the Background” to force the app to maintain background operations when closed (I also enable Hardware Decoder).

Please also post back which app version and cam firmware version you have installed that is doing this and which OS Version you have that is prohibiting background operations.

Hi! I don’t even see that option in app settings, I only see Cache files size and the option to clear. I am running the latest version of firmware ( and my phone is running on iOS 15.6.1 :+1:t2:

I wasn’t aware that option was only an Android feature:

Make sure your Wyze app is up to date w\ version

@IEatBeans, can you confirm for me that the iOS app build doesn’t have this feature?

@tinaclarktina, when you close the app and it “shuts down” person detection, we need a little bit more detail to troubleshoot the issue. Which scenario below is happening:

  • Does the toggle for “Person” in Event Recording → Smart Detections get reverted to OFF?
  • Does the check box for “Person” in Notifications get reverted to OFF?
  • During the time that the app is off and the phone is not receiving notifications, is the App logging Person Events in the Events tab history?


Hi :raised_hands:t2: The answer is no to all three points. I still receive motion detection alerts when the app is closed down but there are no person detections.

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Thanx for the screenshots!

Just for my own mental organization and verification of my understanding of your situation: Toggles are remaining on in both the Event Recording Smart AI Detections setting page and the Notifications Setting Page.

However, when you close the app you don’t receive any push notification alerts for Person Detections on your phone.

Other than the setting I mentioned above, I’m not sure on how to remedy this as I am NOT an iOS user.

The first screenshot you posted, however, is of interest and is an additional issue you may be experiencing:

What you have circled is the Quick Filter Person Event toggle from the Events Tab. It has been reported in the past that some Quick Filter toggles would revert to off when the iOS app is closed and would not hold their setting:

However it is just a filter toggle, and not a recording setting or notification setting toggle. It only changes which server event videos you see and which ones you hide. The videos you hide are still recorded on the server and should still be sending you push notifications.

If you toggle it back on, or use the funnel button to enable the Person Filter at the bottom (checked), you should then see all person tagged AI videos during the time the app is closed. It should NOT, however, affect you getting your push notifications.

What is your iOS App Version?

It’s a weird one, isn’t it? I first noticed it when I went away for a week at the beginning of September and saw I wasn’t getting any person detection notifications, even though I knew I would have a twice-daily visitor to my house. That’s when I saw that the filter was reverting to the off position every time I closed down the app and person detection recording seemed to stop. When I switched it back on, person detection recording and notifications started up again. Leaving the app running in the background rather than closing it down rectified this but it’s not ideal.

The app version I’m using is Version

I’m using iOS 15.6.1. There is an update available so I’ll install it later. Thanks for your support with this! :smiley:

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Let us know what the iOS update brings. If it clears it up, great. If not, we can get others w\ iOS involved. @IEatBeans is an iOS Maven and should be able to troubleshoot iOS issues.

Yea the running in the background and hardware decoder are not options on IOS.

Can you confirm that your not seeing any events inside the events tab?

Open the app, walk infront of the cam, you should get a notification that says person detected, and see the video with the person tag in the events tab, correct?

Now close the app, and do the same. Here’s my questions:

Do you get a notification at all, but it just doesn’t say person?

Is there anything in the events tab, it just doesn’t say person?

What is reported here sounds like two separate issues. As @SlabSlayer has already mentioned the person filter being shut off in the app is a separate issue (which he linked to) from the person detection and notifications not working reliably. My person detection and notifications have not been working properly since 10/26.

Just to chime - I’m having the same problem with the person button going off in events. WHY?? Fix it please! Yes - still has person recordings in events after you turn it on but it’s annoying and shouldn’t happen!