Person detection and failed camera oddity

I had person detection associated with my CMC camera which was labelled Parking Lot. that V2 camera had been working perfectly well for more than one year. Today I noticed it went offline and I was unable to reset it or reinstall it so I filed a ticket. I am pretty sure that camera is dead. I took a camera from a different location, and renamed it as Parking Lot LR3 and made it my CMC camera and it works fine.

what strikes me as odd is that now when I go to associate parking lot lr3 with person detection that camera is not listed.

Supposedly CMC is incompatible with Person Detection and always has been incompatible.

This is getting confusing. And I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning. But I’m pretty sure I’ve got person detection on CMC, the Parking Lot LR3 camera. The last time I tinkered with settings was yesterday evening. Screenshots are from first thing this morning.

I hope someone who knows will step in. I don’t use either. Perhaps the "incompatible"story is now history and that’s what CamPlus is (CMC plus PD). I’m confused.

When i tried the camplus trial. Person detection was working with CMC.

In the description of Cam Plus it mentions specifically both CMC and person detection.