Person Detected with no person often!

I have four Wyze cams two v2 and two pan cams that are saying person detected about every 30-45 min or so and nothing to be detected after review of the footage. I have cam plus on these cameras. App and firmware are up to date also. Please help!


It’s pretty bad. OK, it’s awful. I have 6 cameras, they all do this. Sparrow hops by 30ft from camera = person. Cobweb near lense blowing in the breeze at night = person. Chicken (any of my 15 at any distance) = person. Dog = person. Cat = Person. Palm tree blowing in the wind = person. Car rolling into my driveway = person. As far as I can tell, It’s useful only as motion detection. It doesn’t seem to discriminate very much. The previous version of person detection was HUGELY better than this; not perfect but MUCH better than this! They need to keep working on it if they’re going to try to make this a revenue stream…it’s not there yet.

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Submit the incorrect recognition for review. It’ll benefit all of us. It’s a learning algorithm, it needs data to improve.