Person events only captured by 1 cam?

I was told prior to purchase that all cams will capture events but only 1 of my cams seems to capture people walking even though I’ve turned on person detection. The other captures and notifies me when trees move in the wind but not a person walking. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any input!

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I have a Pan Camera and it has never captured any person events. Even when I turn it on and jump up and down in front of it. Honestly, I have found the person detection AI to be severely lacking and don’t use it anymore.

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Thanks for the reply. Well that is unfortunate, I guess it’s really only meant to be used for live feed and with an SD card to record 24/7. Quite pathetic to have a feature that doesn’t work properly though.

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I think it is still in beta. I’ll let others test it as I don’t have the patience for it at this moment in my life.

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For how useless it seems I hope it’s still in beta… Wish I was notified of that prior to purchasing though. Their Rep just told me that it does identify people and that each separate camera tracks and notifies. They should probably be telling people who inquire that it is in beta.

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How long has person detection been bad on your cams ? What firmware are you running ? When person detection rolled out in July 2019, it worked well on both my pan and V2 cams. But after the September firmware update, person detection took a severe nosedive.

The mailman walks up to my mailbox every morning, right up the middle of the cam’s field of view, less than 10 feet away. The current firmware’s person detection would screen his motion hit as ‘not a person’ and cache the clip, but not notify. 100% of the time.

I recently reinstalled the July firmware version on my V2 in the front window, and person detection works well again. So it was definitely the current firmware version that was causing person detection to not work.

They’ll probably address the issue in the next release, but try the July version in the meantime. It only takes a few minutes to swap firmware, and if it doesn’t help, the app will prompt you to update it automatically (back to the current version) anyway.

V2 firmware page :
Pan firmware page:

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For my experience. Since I bought them in August. In the original firmware in August, the Pan Cam recognized exactly zero people events. After the firmware change, the incident number didn’t increase. I don’t really like the Pan Cam anyways. The high speed panning makes videos worthless. I doubt I’ll buy anymore in the future.

I have a V2 that recognizes my cats and small dog as people but not my larger dog or people before the latest firmware update. After the Firmware update, it has triggered two people events from actual people. From my own personal testing, the number should be around 50. The testing wasn’t formal. It was just me walking in front of the camera every 5 minutes over a period of a couple of hours.

Motion detection works better and since the Cameras are inside, I’ll just leave it at that. Normally, I only turn them on when everyone leaves the house as it is. For the price point, they are interesting toys. I wouldn’t use them for anything considered mission critical.

I do get false alarms on the July firmware person detection when people walk up the sidewalk outside the detection area, but cast shadows inside the detection area. The shapes must be close enough to person shape and size to be recognized.

But at least when a person walks by it, the cam does notify. And when squirrels are running around inside the detection zone, or wind is blowing the tree around casting moving shadows, or a bird flies by, it doesn’t notify every time.

I wouldn’t say it’s really mission critical, but when I have a package dropped off from Amazon or Chewy on the front porch, it’s nice to know when it arrives. If it’s something expensive and I’m at work (5 min up the road) I can swing by and grab it and go back to work in 10 min.

Only testing that I have done is by walking in direct view of the camera while it is on. I would suspect that I am person shaped enough. According to my doctor, a larger shape than I should be. No shadows, or anything else to interfere.

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Please remember that these cameras were not meant to be outdoor cameras, and if you are using them through a window that also creates another barrier, the cameras are effective up to 20-30 feet for person detection. and each event has a 5 min cool-down, So if your “Front Door” captures a person, and within those 5 minutes another person walks by “Back Door” it will not trigger an event recording.

but Yes, the Person Detection is still fairly new and all feedback and input is looked at by Wyze, especially if you are using the in app with in the events Tab " Help us improve AI by sharing this one video with Wyze" and you can choose I saw a Person or I didn’t see a person"

I had to mess around with my Sensitivity options to find a sweet spot for mine. its not perfect, but for the price I am pleased.

I hope I was able to provide some helpful information, this is based on my own personal experience,

I am providing the below link for informational purposes :smiley:

This isn’t true. All three of my cameras record events when someone drives through my lot. Front door, back door, and my “car cam” all upload an event at the same time. Each camera has its own cool down. Unless you’re just talking about person detection, but I’m still pretty sure thats incorrect.