Persistent Wyze AI filter buttons when viewing Events

In Events view with Cam Plus, there is a button to filter events by Person. I can add a filter button for other AI event using the filter option.

However, that selection for additionally filter buttons is not persistent. The selection goes away when I quit the app.

I would be very nice for the app to remember that ai filter selection and repopulate the AI filter buttons upon opening the app again.



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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @jimmy.niemann! :raising_hand_man:

Agreed. This request applies to the V3Pro, PanV3 and OG Cams using the Recent Events list within the Live View window of the New Cam UI.

Last set filter should save until modified, just like it does in the global Events tab.

It does not persist in the global Events tab either, at least for me running version 2.39.0 (20) of the IOS app on my iPad Pro.

That is a bug rather than a feature request.

I am running the current Beta App, but on Android. It is persistent in the Event Tab Filters Settings.

Perhaps one of the iOS Beta testers for the Beta app can test this functionality and confirm. Here is the Beta thread to post a request for confirmation: