Persistant Notification Icon on Galaxy Tab A - Android Pie 9.0

I have been using Wyse Cams and sensors with the Wyze Cam app on an iPhone 8plus for a few weeks now. I have just acquired a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0, running Android Pie 9.0 OS.
First, I’ll say that I like the notification banners that iPhone offers, and they can be informational with a glance, not requiring one to poke their way into an app or a notification tool to find out what squawked at them. BUT, I hate that iPhone IOS has no way to assign a specific sound to notifications from a specific app, which means my notifications sound just like my alerts for other things.

So, I have set up the Wyze app on the Android tablet now, and have been trying to get the notifications to my liking. I think that I have tried every setting in every combination in both the app settings and general notifications so far, but I cannot get the device to give me sound notifications and notifications in the drop-down notification center, without also popping up a very annoying Wyze badge/icon right in the middle of the screen. I can suppress it on the lock screen, but not in apps or on the home screen. I do like the little indicators on the app icons that show notifications have been sent from that app, so I want to keep those.

Any ideas from the experts here??

Below is a screen shot of what I am describing:

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I know nothing about android but I can tell you something about iPhone. I have an iPhone 8 Plus also and I had some issues with it notification playing the same sound for two different apps even though I had programmed it to use two different sounds for the different apps. Anyway I talked to a guy from Apple and they are looking into opening up sounds for all apps so every app could have its own notification sound. He said if you wanted to voice your concern go to Apple support/feedback and let them know that you want separate notification sounds for each app. And I will end it there or someone will say that I’m hijacking this thread. :grinning:

“I do want this”.

That’s an “App Icon Badge”, found in Notifications for whatever app in question.


I found the answer.
On the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A with Android 9.0 Pie:

Under the settings menu, under Advanced Features, there is an item called “Smart Pop-Up View”
Selecting that opens up a list of apps that are capable of using “multi-view”, and you can turn or off the home screen/lock screen pop-ups from that app. Wyze is listed, so I turned it off.
The notifications still happen, the sound plays, the temporary notification bar drops down from the top of the screen, and then goes away after a few seconds, and the notification is still in the drop down list. It just got rid of the persistent notification icon that you had to tap to go in and close it.
This is pretty close to the experience on IOS.

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