Pedestrian gate smart lock (latch-type)

Please create a smart pedestrian gate lock and be able to use the same keypad that you already created.

What model is the one in the picture? @rfalcon103

National Hardware N109-080 SmartKey Gate Lock, Black

National Hardware: SmartKey Gate Lock - Black N109-080 | National Hardware

[Mod Edit]: Manufacturer’s product link added for posterity.

I Want A Gate Lock.

I love the Wyze tech, but I wish you would create a product that you’ve APPROACHED in many other Wyze ways, but I don’t think you have (yet).

Millions of Americans have standard FENCE GATE entries. Six foot wood fence, with a swinging door… nothing fancy. But importantly, it’s not MILLED like a door. There’s no opening/space to be able to handle a standard door-bolt (which you obviously already have).

All Millions of us have the standard gate-latch (with the string or small cable or chain running through a hole in the post)… which won’t securely lock without more elaborate systems. Yeah - they’re out there, but they’re CLUNKY. And dumb.

How about you guys make a SmartLock specifically designed for GATES? (Additional idea to do standard funny Wyze video with Bill Gates, if you can get him).

Bill Gates idea is mostly a joke, and delivered for free on a Friday afternoon.