PC Wyze base network connecting

So I am new to getting security cameras and needed to get some after my catalytic converter was stolen from my Prius. Was recommended to Wyze but its a right pain in the ass to try and use my Windows PC to connect to the base station. Yes my base station goes through the yellow light, flashing blue and solid blue. I have connected my base station directly to the modem( and tried router too) with its provided ethernet and my PC is connected via ethernet directly to the modem. However I get the “cannot find base station” when going through that Wyze app I had to download through Bluestacks. I have internet for sure and power, but its saying its not on the same network. I am unsure how to fix this since both my PC and base station are connected directly to the modem. I put in a support ticket but haven’t had a response and I don’t have a phone that is capable of using the Wyze app.

Not sure what you’re trying to do. PCs don’t work with Wyze cameras. At all. You need to use an Android or iOS device (phone or tablet).

He’s using a packaged Android emulator to try to add the camera through the Wyze app

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Oh, yes, sorry I missed the Bluestacks reference.

You’ll want to check the IP addresses then - is your Android emulator on the same subnet (usually third octet such as 192.168.XXX) as the PC itself and the camera?

I am afraid I have no idea how to see what Bluestacks subnet it is using. I tried looking it up but its been of no use. I may just have to talk to Wyze support and either get a walkthrough or told it will never work…thanks anyways.