PC and file format

I have transferred files from SD card to my PC. Files play both video and audio in VLC media player. However files used in a video editing software program play only the visual and no audio. There is no audio track that shows up or is not recognized. What video and audio format is Wyze using?

On continuous recording the files as shown on PC from SD card are in 1 minute videos. So a 60 min video has 60 files :(. I had hoped to string them together in my video editing software program. The video works fine but no audio.

Cool camera but seems features are choppy and broken up. Looking forward to on-going updates and improvements before I purchase more. Thanks

This sounds like an odd problem. My videos are in increments of 1 hour based on the folder hour from midnight. Do you ha e the latest firmware? Have you tried a full level format of the card and see what it produces then?

From time to time I have had an audio sync issue pulling from the app but not directly to the card. May I ask what kind of card you have?

Yes I have latest firmware. I’ve formated SD card fully, twice now. I am doing Continuous Recording only with no motion or sound detection if that makes a difference. (getting one minute videos). I was a bit confused on what happens when continuous and event detection is active.

I have since used a video format converter and converted files to a true MP4 format and now my video editing software program accepts the files and I get video AND sound.

I am using a Verbatim MicroSD HC, class 10.

I’ve been reading alot of users having their SD cards damaged. Any experience here?

BTW thanks for your response.

First, the 1-minute long files are part and parcel of the firmware recording structure.

My understanding is that Windows Media Player and macOS Quicktime Player will both play and concatenate the files. What video editor are you using? It sounds like a failing of that editor that can’t properly read the files that other editors can.

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hey @bradjnakamura if you’re looking for information on SD cards check out this topic. keep us updated if you happen to have any issues with that verbatim SD card. I’m not familiar with that brand and always looking to expand my usage base.

Media Player will not work but VLC does. I learned this from a Wyze post.

I am using Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 video editor.