Payment plans

I paid almost 35.00 Dollars for this little camera and yeah it works well but I should not have to pay a dime to be able to review my footage that has been recorded. I have a simple screw in camera that goes into a light socket that does the same thing and I paid for the cameras and do not have to pay to watch my footage. It’s payment ridiculous

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Which camera? If you have a micro SD card in it, you don’t have to pay for anything else to view what has been recorded.


Most of those bulb socket screw in cameras use a MicroSD card, as do Wyze cams. You don’t have to pay anything to have your Wyze cams use a MicroSD card.

Cloud recordings are just optional and convenient. You can totally use the cameras for free and have recordings for free. If you thought otherwise, you misunderstood. They already work that way.