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My wyze cam v2 was a Christmas gift I got today and it doesn’t have the micro SD card it says it comes with. Really… I’ve been waiting for this and I get it and yeah… Very disappointed. I shouldn’t have to go buy something that is supposed to be with it. Smfh!

Continuous recording with local storage

Wyze Cam supports local storage of recordings to a microSD card (sold separately). Play back videos with your Wyze app to solve life’s mysteries.

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Did you buy the camera + card kit? Maybe you should upload a photo of the packaging. There IS a version that you can buy at Home Depot (and maybe some other places) that comes with an SD card, but it’s more expensive and clearly labeled. I don’t believe they sell that combination online

This is the only version that includes an microSD card:


Ya the $19.99 cost does not include an SD card but well worth the $10.00 cost