Cam V4 lost video

I have been receiving Video on my Cam v4 but now it has stopped playing video and I get the message I now have to pay $130 . No video even shows up on Mini SD card . Had I known Waze pulled new customers in with video and then made them pay for it after a month, I would never have purchased the camera. I purchased the camera to see how the still and video looked at night before purchasing 6 other V4 and OG tel. Now . Now I will look for a more honest reputable security camera company

Message from who, WYZE? Did you get Cam Plus for all your cameras one at a time?
Unlimited Cam (Cam Plus for any amount of cams is only $99.00 a year.

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For IOS-

But I think you can still use basic features without subscription. Per Amazon description for v4:
“ 24/7 Recording with microSD Card. Don’t miss a thing with continuous local recording to a microSD card up to 512 GB. No subscription required. ”

WYZE Web Site:Shopping Security Plans.

And you do NOT need any subscription to view uSD card recordings.

haha other camera company that sell the camera for similar price to wyze allow up to n cameras for one cloud membership for around 30 $ a year …

n= 10 ? :rofl:

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Apple takes a 30% cut of all in app purchases so the subscriptions through the IOS app are 30% more than though the wyze website.

That message the OP received was probably from apple, since they purchased the subscription through them.

As others have said, you don’t need any subscription to view SD card events.