Pause in recording in events and playback

I’m seeing a 4 second pause around the 2 second mark in my events and playback. Then it starts again, skipping a few seconds ahead. This is happening on one v2 and two v3 cameras, all with Cam Plus. It is not happening on my Video Doorbell Pro with Cam Plus and not on my v2 camera with Cam Plus Lite (12 second events).

This has been happening for at least a couple of weeks.

Has anyone else experienced this?

There have been multiple reports of this caused by a glitch in a firmware update. What versions of the firmware do you have installed?

I thought this was v3 Pro only issue? Are you saying that it has spread to v2 and v3’s? If that’s the case, it might be a software glitch :thinking:

This is happening on my v2 and v3 cameras, the ones with Cam Plus.

My v3 cameras are on version My v2 camera is on version

The V3 Firmware was halted for “Event Recording Issues” on Nov. 10

I haven’t been following the V2 updates closely because I don’t have any. However, I do recall the same issues previously occuring with the V2 and the PanV1 when they pushed firmware with the newly developed “Edge AI” in it. One can only speculate, but I have my suspicions.

This is the version halted for “Event Recording Issues”

This is the most recent Public release version.

Feedback can be found and reported, with logs submitted, in the release thread for both of these firmware versions:

I’m still on, maybe that is why I don’t have this issue :thinking:

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The update to has been over 6 months and at least as many versions in the making. It is the last known stable version.

…and that’s why when I go into “Firmware Version” it says “Everything’s good! Your camera is up-to-date.” :rofl: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If I hadn’t written about this today how was I to know that I am on a version that was halted? I’m not sure what that even means. Is there a way to get back on the previous stable version?

Without reading it here, or on the Firmware Notes page you would never know. If you updated during the short time it was available for update download before being paused, then you have it.

The only option short of waiting it out is to manually flash back your firmware to the last known stable version available for download here:

It is all documented in the “Wyze News” section of the forum. I was just being silly in the above post with SlavSlayer. If you are on, fear nothing my friend, you are in good hands. If you are on a newer one give a minute and I’ll fish out the info for you.

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Ooops, SlabSlayer bit me to it :slight_smile:

Good luck bud!


I have those links on speed dial already! :rofl:

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Is this still happening for other people? Mine still does about a two second pause near the beginning of every event recording.

I have updated my two v3 cameras to the latest version and the issue seems to be completely fixed on one of my cameras, but the other camera is still recording a very short pause (less than a second) about 4 seconds in.

@sharo16 Yeah, same with me.

This has been an issue for several months. Does not matter user device, iOS or Android, motion clips always have a few sec pause. Very annoying and you end up missing things.

Just watch the YT channel “Speed Bump Olympics”, that person posts compilations clips from their Wyze cams each week, nearly all the clips for the last several months have the pausing issue.

I still see the pause 4 sec into recording with firmware any other ways to fix this? Does wyze still think this is fixed?