Partial Order Shipped, Entire Order Marked As Fulfilled

Are there any known issues going on with fulfillment? This one can’t be blamed on the carrier. Support was rather unhelpful, and frankly I do not believe their response stating “it will ship separately,” especially when there is more than just a single product missing. Ordered two packs of light strips, three 6-packs of bulbs, and the Scale X. I received the light strips, and that’s it. I check on my order status, and the entire order is marked as “fulfilled.” There are no other tracking numbers. You can even tell by the weight on the shipped box that it doesn’t include all that I ordered. I received no ETA from support, and the order status still shows as “fulfilled.” Have I been bamboozled? I’ve been a pretty staunch supporter of Wyze and have purchased a lot for myself and my family. I can’t help but feel they really cocked this up, and support’s dismissive approach wasn’t reassuring at all.

On my most recent order, from about 5 weeks ago, the same thing happened to me. I received a partial order, and the order status changed to Fulfilled. But then 2 days later the rest of the order came.