Pardon my ignorance, but can someone please explain to me how auto unlock works?

I have auto unlock on but the lock never unlocks. Does the phone have to connect to the lock via wifi or bluetooth? Do I have to pull the app up on my phone? why doesn’t it work? I am using an android phone with 9.0 software.


If everything works properly it will work like this:

  1. The phone enters a geofenced area based on location services on your phone (i.e. GPS)
  2. Your phone will then connect to the lock as you get closer via BLE (bluetooth), which will unlock the door.
  3. You then open the door and go in…if the door is not opened in 10 minutes the door will relock on its own.

So for it to unlock both steps 1 and 2 must happen, so it will not unlock while walking around your house because you have not left and reentered the geofenced area. You should not have to pull the app up but it will be running in the background.


So, if I have a bluetooth headset I won’t be able to connect to the lock?