Lock - geo-fence auto unlock doesn't work. Bluetooth?

I have a lock installed on a steel basement door set into a thick stone wall.
The Gateway is mounted right by the hinge on the inside of the door - so about 30" from the lock.
The Android app will lock and unlock the door. Google Assistant can also.
The phone is a Samsung Galaxy 10e

Watching the app while approaching the door Bluetooth either does not connect or takes a very long time. The problem I have is that the geo-fence auto unlock doesn’t work. I am guessing that it is to do with the no/slow Bluetooth. (I am leaving the geofenced area and then returning.)

What actually makes the Bluetooth connection - the Gateway or the lock itself?
Is anyone else experiencing this or have suggestions?

Hello @DavidCT and welcome to the community.

The bluetooth connection I believe is made between the phone and gateway. I do know however if you have the app open and are watching it, it will override the auto unlock, meaning if you have the app open and are watching it, it will not auto unlock.

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I had a lock from Day 1 and auto-unlock worked perfectly for maybe 4 months? Then it just stopped. I tried everything I read on their support page, on the Wyzecam reddit page, i tried contacting Wyze support through the Reddit page (they don’t respond), submitted many support logs (they don’t respond), did many Google searches, nothing worked so I finally called them. After a brief conversation with them they sent me a new lock. I installed it & auto-unlock has never worked on that one. Not one time. I’m on ios latest version fwiw, iphone 11. I’ve done all the recommended “fixes”, restarted bluetooth, restarted phone, installed the beta app, reset the gateway, installed a new gateway, removed the lock & reintstalled, made sure location services was set to “always”, moved the gateway right next to the door, everything. I get the pop-up “Cancel Auto-Unlock: Current Auto-Unlock process will cancel if you proceed” after I enter my code on the keypad which tells me it’s taking forever for my phone to connect to the lock. No idea why because it used to unlock before I pulled into my townhouse complex. Luckily I have the keypad but auto-unlock was a feature I was sold on & I’ve come to the conclusion that it just won’t work & they have showed zero motivation to make it work. Anyway, good luck. I occasionally check in here & search “Lock” to see if maybe it was fixed, that’s how I came by your post.

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Thanks dstrom21 Jason21271.

It will sometimes work, but mostly not. I don’t know exactly what the signal routing is, but I am guessing it goes phone to gateway to Wyze to gateway to lock and the flakiness is down to Wyze not prioritizing (or simply forgetting about) the lock switching through their network, The geo-fence transaction from the Google api must take time and I suspect their contract with Google isn’t ‘good’ enough: like sitting in a cafe with too small a WiFi hub - you can connect but can’t route. And Wyze are ignoring the problem because it’s a $$$ issue not a technical one, and they have our money.

tl:dr It’s not the hardware but Wyze overselling their capacity to complete.