Wyze lock gateway Bluetooth connection

Have a Samsung S22 phone. Have an issue with the lock not automatically opening when I approach the door. Bluetooth is always on. Looked at Bluetooth devices connected and the Wyze lock gateway was not there. Gateway is working with the blue light on. Pressed the button on top of the gateway and scanned it for Bluetooth on the phone. It came up as available. When I then tried to move it from available to connected it says I need an App. I’m running the Wyze app in the background all the time so I have the App. Am I missing something? Is there another app I don’t have? What is the solution to this dilemma? Is this the reason for the door not opening automatically because either the lock or the phone don’t recognize each other? Any help would be appreciated.

Just a shot in the dark…did you enable auto unlock in the Wyze app? It won’t auto unlock unless you leave the geofenced area and then return. And the minimum distance for geofencing seems to be 500ft.

Yes, auto unlock is enabled. Used to be able to view the geofence circle area but now cannot seem to find where you do that in the app…
Thanks for reaching out…

Have you looked at these:

I’ve done most of these items. Probably will end up disabling and reinstalling everything to see if that gets it going again.

Appreciate your thoughts. The auto unlock is one of the key features that makes this lock one wants to have but the feature does not work as easily and reliably as it should.