Paranormal - Hand/Smoke

have a 100 year old home and have had some weird stuff happening. After I installed my cams I caught a few things and here is just one of them.

I have a cam in my kitchen on the window sill, which caught what appears to be a hand and smoke, with an image inside, coming from the left side of the video. This was at night and there is nothing which would cause this to happen with in close proximity of the cam. The first is showing the video frame by frame so you can clearly see what was caught on the cam. The second is the video at original speed.

that a very small piece of dust, or a bug. I see them all the time on my outside cams

maybe but I have seen dust and bugs before but that must have been a very big bug and the what appears as smoke does not look like dust to me.

My Little Pony Unicorn Ghost.

Yes it does look exactly like dust, just floating by. It’s not two different things. And you think you’re seeing a “hand” there? Come on. Turn off the IR LED lights and you won’t be bothered by this sort of thing. I had to do that with my outside camera and it worked wonders.


Tell all your neighbors. That way you’ll be able to enjoy all the Halloween candy you bought for yourself. That’s dust.

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I suggest put out some bate on the table, center frame. As I understand it, a piece of burnt toast and dish of evaporated milk seem to work best.