Infared picks up bugs?

House in upstate NY has been empty for 1 month. No known problems before leaving for summer home. Something setting off motion detection cam is creeping us out. Hope someone has an idea of what could be flying around and what to have done about it.
The last video is in pitch black garage………

@joslinm1 It’s nothing to be concerned about honestly. If you search the forums using the magnifying glass top right, you will find plenty of videos like this by other users. I see these type of dust particles and small bugs or gnats flying by IR lights on the camera all the time. Perfectly normal. The IR lights will reflect off the dust particles making them look much larger than they actually are. I had a very small moth fly by my cam and it looked like a white monster going by. Lol Some think they are ghosts or an orb visitation from another planet. Heat vents near a cam will produce a ton dust particles flying by.

Check this video out below:


Wow, don’t you ever clean, lol?

@StopICU33 is right, this is perfectly normal. These look like dust particles close to the lens. You wouldn’t even see them if you were standing next to the camera.

The best thing to do is drop your detection sensitivity to 1. The cam will still pick up objects as large as a person, but triggering on dust particles will be so much rarer.

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