Paranormal - Door opening on it's own

I have a cam in my living room which caught the door that goes out to my enclosed front porch opening on it’s own. Keep in mind the door that goes to the outside, from my porch, is padlocked for safety and the door that opens is deadbolted. Watch in the bottom right corner of the video and if you listen closely you will hear footsteps after the door opens. This happened just moments before I entered my home from the other side of the house. You can hear me say “why is the door open” and “who opened the front door”.

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I wonder if the door wasnt latched completely, and when you entered from the other side of the house there was a pressure change which pulled the door towards the negative pressure (inside the house). Thanks for the video!


That may have been possible except the door was deadbolted. I locked it the night before and no one else was home to open it.

Tony’s theory makes perfect sense, especially since the unshaded windows may have been heating up that porch room, and as soon as you opened the other door there was a potential for air flow. So you must not have fully rotated the deadbolt in place the previous night, or went out to the porch to fetch a leash, etc.


Thanks for the comments. I will let you know that I did fully rotate the deadbolt.

Okay. Ghosts are a much more plausible theory than the vagaries of human memory. :slight_smile:


Or, somebody came in the same door that the homeowner did and then went through to prepare an escape route - although that should have shown up on the video as well.
I had a home invasion last year and the first thing the guy did was tear down the MS light at the back gate and the nearly-last thing he did was disable the Wyzecam in the front vestibule.
But he was dumb enough to come back and do the same crime a few doors up a few days later and then again even closer to my house and in the middle of the day. This time the victims screamed and escaped and a neighbor who knew the guy’s MO chased him, recruiting some help as he went and the cops finally caught up with the pursuers and arrested the invader. Turned out he had gotten out of jail six months earlier after doing 11 years time for doing about the same crime, further down the block 12 years before. A year later, he is still awaiting trial in the DC Jail. A little AI probably would have identified him after the first incursion, but the civil libertarians would probably block its implementation.

Then get a Ring. They share (or used to) data with the cops by default.

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