I narrowly avoided a home invasion

 *(I hope this story is appropriate for the water cooler*)   

I pull in my driveway and get out of my vehicle. I go to my garage door and open it, As I’m walking inside and my alarm goes off. I click on the alert and see on the Wyse app someone scurrying around the front of my car headed straight for my door. I realize they’re trying to enter the door that I just walked through, and I only have one or two seconds to lock it because they are very close… ‘close’ as in they had to have been waiting on me to get home because I didn’t see anyone as I pulled in.
I didn’t have time to fiddle with the lock latch so I rammed the door shut with my shoulder and yelled something loudly to let them know that I know what’s going etc. Then suddenly out of nowhere I realized I was looking at video of myself from a few seconds earlier. I’ve never been so pissed off, confused, scared, relieved, happy and embarrassed in such a short time frame.
Thank you Wyze. I have even greater confidence in you now.



That was a fantastic story and great for the watercooler! I can only imagine all the crazy mixed feelings you were experiencing all at once. It would make for an awesome video if you had one inside the garage too. Then you could stitch together showing the video you were watching of yourself walking toward the door at the same time you ram the door shut and yell at yourself. That would be a classic memory.

Thanks for sharing. :+1:


Ahh haha surprise ending, I loved reading that :smiley:

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