Panoramic Camera keeps defaulting to night mode

Panoramic Camera keeps defaulting to night mode. I can reboot and all is ok until it flips to night mode with auto on then it never goes back and stays on night mode even though it says it is on auto.

Thanks for letting us know and for the firmware version! I’ll make a bug report for this now. :slight_smile:

As a quick note, this looks like the beta firmware. So I’m going to move this over to the beta area of the forum.

I’m seeing the same behavior with my Pan camera on

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We’re working on fixing it! Sorry for the trouble. Does power cycling help?

Yes, both times it has happened, I’ve been able to cycle power and it is fixed.

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Thanks for the information! We’re holding off on putting out the IR emission control until we fix this. :slight_smile:

Power cycling also fixes mine until it switches back to night mode. I have it set to auto. Once it switches to night mode it gets stuck in night mode.

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Upgraded to and everything is now working.