Pan v3 features

Good morning. I just received my pan v3 cameras yesterday. Installation was very simple but it appears that the only features available without a subscription of $18/month for the two cameras is tilt, motion sensor and a photo. Not even video. Is this true or am I missing something?


First of all, how on earth did you come up with $18 per month for two cameras? I do have CamPlus Unlimited on about 45 cameras and paying less than half that.
Second, you have full capability to watch the cameras live or recordings from uSD card (if installed - recommended). The only thing that requires a subscription is if you want cloud based recordings of events and AI processing to determine what event types are and notifications filtering baaed on event types.
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Thanks very much. I will have to get a card. The $18/month is on the app

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Note, that the 18$ a month is for Cam Plus Unlimited, which gives you Cam Plus for up to 99 Wyze Cameras for that price.

2 Cams would cost you about 8 dollars a month, however, if you do annual subscriptions you will save money. And as you can see… Around 5/6 Cameras Cam Plus unlimited becomes the better choice should you decide to add additional cameras.

Even with Cam Plus, Continuous recording to an SD Card is highly recommended by most Wyze Cam users…

I have never used the app to shop WYZE but this is from the WYZE Web site, shop, Services.