Higher Cost for Cam to Pay for Subscription Services Instead

Hello and apologies if this is either listed elsewhere or not liked, but it must be said…
I am just one person out of many thousands that use your camera products, V2 and Pan. I purchased them due to features, simplicity and cost and I haven’t been disappointed. HOWEVER, the move to subscription-based solutions in my mind is not really where I wanted it to go.

Have you not considered that people like me would still prefer to pay a slightly higher cost per camera at the time of purchase to get these features, (I’m in Canada so my cost slightly more) if you continue to sell the v2 at $20 thats fine but eventually users WILL move to other providers,
I think that Wyze should consider keeping the features free of subscriptions but increase the cost of the Camera(s). If a v2 cost $50-70 i would still buy it

Wyze seems to be a great company, i think you have dealt with the security issues extremely well and professionally. your forums are always helpful