One subscription two cameras

Can i just buy one subscription for two cameras? The pre order shows each cameras has its own cloud recording. I want two cameras but only one subscription for my attic.

You can buy just one subscription and even switch it back and forth between cameras, but it will only work on one camera at a time. The camera without the Cam Plus will still do cloud event recordings, but the free one is just 12 seconds with a 5 minute cooldown in between events


I love cam plus but I wish they would have one price for unlimited camera I mean come on Wyze nest only charges $12 a year for unlimited camera and 30 day cloud storage. I’m paying you guys $44.00 for a year for only 3 cameras

I have to be honest - I’d love to support Cam Plus … but the whole reason I don’t subscribe right now is because of the way they are pricing it. I’m really not interested in dealing with the per cam pricing.

I only do it because I can’t have a 5 min cool down and only 12 sec video recording