Unlimited Bundle Pricing for CamPlus (time, number of cameras, etc)

Some people may prefer to pay in advance for a year (or more) of CMC service. This could be particularly useful for people who prefer to use virtual credit card numbers online, in order to protect themselves from fraud. The only issue with virtual credit card numbers is that they usually expire after a short period of time, which prevents them from being used for monthly subscriptions.

While not a required part of the request, a yearlong prepay might also allow Wyze to offer a small discount. This could add a bit more value without necessarily sacrificing any profit, since the processing fees eat a larger portion of a small transaction than a large one.

Edit: Since the mods included multi-camera bundles in the title, I figured I should add it to the body of the message as well. It’s a good idea. Maybe an “unlimited devices” option if it makes financial sense, or a price for “up to 5 cameras,” up to 10 cameras," “up to 15 cameras,” etc.

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This was mentioned on the AMA today and the Wyze folks confirmed they were looking at several bundling and duration packages but had not yet reached any final decisions. I would expect based on what they said that we will see something sooner rather than later.


Yep. I posted this before the AMA, (Although it looks like it got approved at some point during the AMA) but I heard them address it too. :slight_smile:


It would be nice to have the option of paying for CMC on a 1 or 2 yr basis. Just would be easier to pay once and done.

I like CMC, but with a lot of cameras the 1.49 per cam can add up. Would Wyze be willing to entertain a set price for unlimited cameras?

I also have Ring cameras and they have a $100/Yr package price for unlimited cameras for cloud service per location. Granted it is 1 min recordings and not until motion stops, but the videos are saved for 60 days.

We love wyzecams so much we’ve got 7 at home and 13 at work. Looking to add more to cover more vantage points. Am I asking too much?


I think $1.50 per camera, per month is a bit much, especially when you have a lot of cameras like 5 or more. How about considering a discount if you sign on a bunch of cameras. I can’t stand the 12 sec video limit and 5 minute cool down period, my cameras miss to many things because of this.


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I was going to test out the free trial for the Complete Motion Capture but before I start the trial, I was wondering what the payment frequency options are? Since it hasn’t been two weeks yet, I assume no one has had the option to pay the $1.50/camera fee yet.

I know the $1.50 is per month per camera but is there an option to just pay it in advance for 3-6 months, 1 year? The only reason why I would prefer to do annual payments is because I have so many Wyze cameras and with almost all electronics/services nowadays requiring monthly fees, it can get messy and unorganized very quickly.

Thank you

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What I was asking about is a max amount per month no matter how many cameras I have. Not paying a year in advance at a small discount. I can pay ring $10 a month for 1000 cameras, if I had the money for 1000 cameras. “Hypothetically”

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True, although Ring’s devices are much more expensive upfront, and Ring also makes it so that their products are practically unusable without a subscription, which is a pretty lame move in my opinion. Compared to Ring, I think a larger subset of Wyze’s customers have multiple cameras. A few customers literally have over 100. Plenty have over a dozen. I’d be surprised if there’s even ONE Ring customer who has that many Ring devices. That’s because Wyze cameras so affordable in the first place. So realistically, I don’t know if Wyze could do a true “all-you-can-eat” option, but I guess we’ll see.

I DO think they can probably offer some bundling discounts, though. Discounts for paying upfront, pricing packages for “up to 10 cameras, up to 20 cameras” etc.


I have 12, including 3 indoor, 3 outdoor security light cameras, 3 stickup cameras 3 doorbell cameras and home security. There are more of us that have these than you think. As you are aware of Wyze cameras are not security cameras. I don’t use them as such, but I do have a few rental properties that I use the wyze cams in, in between renters. I’m not complaining about the cost for myself there are others though that have alot of wyze cams and one of those people started this thread.


Ring has Amazon behind it. And all of Amazon’s cloud storage. Wyze also uses AWS but can’t afford a fraction of the storage Amazon/Ring/Nest/Google can. To compare what Ring can offer and what Wyze can is very much comparing a Ford to a Rolls Royce.

Yeah, I forgot to even mention that this time. That also makes Ring’s approach that much more stingy, to be honest. (The fact that Ring offers NO free cloud storage)

Amazon/Ring and Google/Nest both benefit from vertical integration, which makes their real cloud storage costs per gigabyte a fraction of anyone else’s.

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I’m not trying to compare them, but you said a couple of wyze customers have 100 cameras. At $25 for a V2 rounded off, that = $2,500 plus $149 a month to add CMC to them . I could buy my ring system twice and have a little money left over. As I stated earlier, I’m not complaining about the cost for my self as I have both V2’s and Pan’s and a few light bulbs. I like them. I was just commenting on what the person was trying to get across that started this thread. You can’t see his comments in this thread anymore, because he was moved to the wishlist. Nothing more needs to be said about the comparing the two. I am a Wyze supporter and proud to be one.

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Yes, someone could buy YOUR Ring system (12 cameras) for less money than A HUNDRED Wyze cameras. Haha. I’m not sure why we’re comparing those two things, but I agree with you. :slight_smile:

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Thing do tend to get out of hand in some of these threads. But it’s all good. Passion for a thing does make us feel alive.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:I can’t wait for Wyze to start their own AI. I’m sure it will be better than xnor was. (Past tense) Good conversation.

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Rings unlimited plan is technically only applicable for devices at the same home address, too. I know you said you have 12 at different addresses. I’m not surprised that they’re not policing that super closely, but if your data usage were crazy or you tried to add 100 devices to your account in an enterprise type situation, i have a feeling you’d probably set off some flags and they’d prevent you from doing that

Realistically, no “unlimited” service (for anything) is ever truly unlimited. It’s “unlimited until it becomes a problem.”

I said the wyze cams are at different locations, my ring system is at my home. “I don’t use them as such, but I do have a few rental properties that I use the wyze cams in, in between renters.” That’s Ok. It’s all good.