Pan Scan and Motion Tracking does not work!

Inside this article Pan Scan and Waypoints on Wyze Cam Pan states:

  • When Pan Scan and Motion Tracking are both turned on, the camera will deviate from the Pan Scan waypoints to follow motion detected at any waypoint. It will continue to follow the motion as long as motion is detected. Once motion is no longer detected, it will return to the Pan Scan mode.

I now see this has been an ongoing issue that Wyze hasn’t even acknowledged. It does no such thing, even with motion sensitivity cranked.


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Why is this suddenly an SOS? Is this on a V2 Pan you bought for this feature?

Yes, it is. Thank you for your concern. This feature is advertised, and turns out, has been broken for almost a year. Yet it is still advertised. WITH NO ACKNOWLEGMENT FOR A FIX. That’s not cool. You can’t convince me otherwise. This is an SOS because it literally doesn’t work. At all. Not suddenly? It’s been an issue. What’s it take then to acknowledge the feature doesn’t work? You clearly know something I don’t coming off that way. My SOS is not your SOS, live with it.

That’s a downer. I can see why that is frustrating. I hope they get it fixed soon. Might think about returning your cam until they do.

I have the same experiencia with my V2, motion Tracking + pam Scan does not work together

Not sure if you all are still having this issue but for me it works exactly as described which is also not great. Ideally there would be a cooldown after motion (waiting for more motion) but instead immediately when it thinks motion is complete it will look at the next waypoint so sometimes it will look away despite there being motion still happening